Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become a patient?

In order to become a patient in the state of Montana, a doctor’s recommendation is required. Here at SOLL, we work alongside industry leading doctors who are extremely knowledgeable on the many benefits cannabis can offer. Please contact SOLL to book an appointment at our next clinic if you or a loved one can benefit from medical marijuana.

What are the qualifying conditions?

In Montana, the qualifying conditions to receive a medical marijuana card are: Chronic pain, chron’s disease, ataxia, neuropathy, AIDS/HIV, PTSD, glaucoma, admittance into hospice care, and nausea. If you experience symptoms that fall under one or more of these ailments, our empathetic doctors and staff are able to assist you in accessing medical marijuana.

As a patient, how much medicine may I possess?

According to the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, a patient is allowed to possess up to 1 oz of usable medicine at any given time.

Am I allowed to change from my current provider to SOLL?

Yes! SOLL is always accepting new patients, and is more than happy to assist you in the transferring of providers at no cost to you, the patient.

Am I allowed to cultivate my own medicine and have a provider?

In compliance with Montana state law, a patient is allowed to have a provider to access their medicine or grow their own. They are not allowed to do both.